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Falconer for the Day

Go ‘behind the scenes’ for the day for an experience with a difference

Enjoy a backstage tour of the birds and enclosures with your own Falconer, before assisting with food preparation, bird weighing and handling with our team of Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Owls and Falcons.

Our birds require training and general husbandry through the day, and you’re involved through the whole process. This is the perfect way to experience a day in the life of a Falconer, as a different experience or to lead up to a five day course.

Falconer for the Day Experiences are run one participant to a Falconer.
If you prefer a joint or larger group experience, please add extra participants to your day.

10am to 4pm
Lunch and refreshments included

Participant £135.00
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The Hawking Centre
Doddington Place Gardens
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Contact Info
  • 01795 473680
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About Us
Established in 1998 The Hawking Centre is owned by Leigh and Jo Holmes, Falconers and Television presenters with a vision to share their passion of training and flying Birds of Prey and offering unforgettable Falconry Experiences.