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Exclusive For Our Frequent Flyers and Friends
"Fly The Big Four!” Introducing Our Sensational Snake-Eating Seriema!

Enjoy our new experience exclusively for our regular visitors.

Fly the largest birds at the centre with us on this half day experience

After your VIP guided tour it's glove on and you’re off to the Parkland to fly the Siberian or European Eagle Owl. Join Maggie the Hooded Vulture and Lurch the African White Backed Vulture on the formal lawns before flying a Chilean or African Tawny Eagle. Watch the Bald Eagle soar before having it sit on your glove...

To top off your big four experience, enjoy a close encounter with Matilda, the Red legged Seriema, who will show off her running and rubber snake attacking skills.

2 participants £150.00 

Treat Yourself Or A Loved One As A Gift -
- 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm
- Personalised gift voucher
- Four Participants per group

Big Four Experiences are run from April to the end of September
Participants: £150.00
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